Distance Healing Through a Photograph

passion-flower-1Prayer Triangle

There are two ways to present photos at the Casa, for Distance Healing.

(Please see the dates we are traveling to the Casa with our groups for this service)

1.)  I present your photo to John of God for

Distance Healing through the Casa Blessed Herbs

Please send me, via email, or post mail, your picture

with prayers and requests, for healing.

Send me photos via email at deb@guidetojohnofgod.com

and include, birth dates, current physical address,

and prayer requests for healing.

I will bring the pictures

to the Entities incorporated in John of God,

 to be scanned. They will prescribe the Casa Blessed Herbs,

which will have a specific energetic prescription, just for

the person in the photo, in a base of Passiflora (passion flower).

The Herbs are taken, one tablet, two times a day, for about 70 days.

During that time, there is a diet of no fertilized eggs,

no alcohol, and no pepper spice of any kind.


Note:  You must have permission from the person in the photo,

for this service. On a rare occasion,  The Entities of Light working

through John of God,may put an X or mark on the photo, which

means the person should come to the healing center in Brazil, 

in person, as soon as possible. If  we take the pictures through the

line to  present to John of God, it is very important that the person wants

to take the Casa Blessed Herbs and is willing to make the trip,

as soon as possible, if there is an X given.


Distance Healing, Through the Casa Blessed Herbs,

Service fee is $65.00 USD.

This includes, the Casa Blessed Herbs for 70 days,

and postage within the USA.

If you are outside of the USA the Service Fee is $85.00 USD

which also includes standard mailing service to your country.

 2.)  Blessings via Casa Prayer Triangle

You can send me, via email, or post mail, your picture and that

of your loved ones, or friends, with your prayers and requests,

for healing, to be placed in the Prayer Triangle.

(See information about Prayer Triangles at the Casa

on our website www.guidetojohnofgod.com)

Please send me photos via email at deb@guidetojohnofgod.com

and include, birth dates, current physical address,

and prayers request for healing.

Note: This can be done without the permission of the person

in the photo and is free of charge.


For Distance Healing with the Casa Blessed Herbs

you can send a check written out to:

Crystal Clear Miracles,

PO Box 1665,

Ojai, CA 93024

or with a credit or debit card at:

Paypal  www.paypal.com

Send funds to account: deb@guidetojohnofgod.com

Please let me know in your email which way you will want to send the fee.


Many Blessings to You.

This is a Journey of the Spirit to Cleans, Purify and Evolve in God’s Love.

I am happy to be of Service to my Brothers and Sisters.

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