Primetime – ABC News

ABC’sPrimetime‘ is an award-winning news magazine program featuring in-depth investigative reports and human interest stories. In a special that aired in February 2005 and watched by an estimated 60 million television viewers in the U.S and around the world, Primetime followed the journeys of five people who sought out the man known as “João de Deus” — “John of God” — and took a closer look at the amazing claims that surround him.


November 17th, Oprah features John of God

Oprah is my hero. Wow it was so unexpected but so amazing to have this very main stream media person talk about John of God and bring light to the Casa De Dom Inacio.  There is an amazing amount of Blogging going on about it on Oprah’s Do you Believe in Miracles site about John of God.
Check it out!!

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