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John of God performing Spiritual Surgery at the Casa

John of God: The Greatest Healer in 2,000 Years?

Considered by many to be the most prolific healer in the last 2,000 years, João Teixeira de Faria (affectionately nicknamed ‘John of God’) is a humble Brazilian rancher who allows “spirit doctors” to take over his body three times a week to miraculously treat thousands of people who come from all over the world for healing. In his 50+ years of healing service he has treated an estimated 15 million people.

At his healing sanctuary in the remote countryside of central Brazil (situated approximately 500 miles inland from Rio de Janeiro) up to 2,000 Brazilian and international tourists a day seek cures for their maladies. Most seek physical cures; others come for a host of reasons ranging from blessings for their business, to discovering their life purpose, to finding their soul mate.

Modern Day Miracles

After their spiritual pilgrimages, thousands have reported being healed of incurable ailments including AIDS, cancer and infertility, while others report that although a physical cure was not achieved or requested, a profound spiritual, emotional, or financial shift did take place.

Known as one of the world’s most revered full-trance healing mediums alive today, Medium João – who only has a second grade education and had an impoverished childhood – declares, “I do not cure anybody. God heals. I am merely an instrument in God’s divine hands.” As revealed in his biography The Miracle Man by Robert Pellegrino-Estrich, João discovered his unusual healing gift at age 16 after St. Rita, the Catholic patron saint of impossible causes and the bringer of miracles to the hopeless, appeared to him in a vision and instructed him to visit a church in a nearby town. When he arrived at the church, he immediately “fell asleep.” Upon awakening hours later, he apologized for passing out and explained it was due to hunger. To João’s surprise, he was told he had not merely passed out but that he had incorporated the spirit of King Solomon and performed miraculous operations on many of the church’s members.

Similar to other famous healers, such as 1930’s “sleeping prophet” Edgar Cayce, João is not conscious when the healings occur. What he has come to understand, through testimonies and watching films, is that more than 30 highly evolved, compassionate spirits (entities) work through him to provide treatments to those in need.

Doctors Without Borders

These “Spirit Doctors,” who take turns inhabiting his body to perform miraculous cures and unconventional surgeries (i.e. from scraping an eyeball with a knife without anesthesia to pushing cotton-swabbed forceps up the sinus cavity), include St. Ignatius of Loyola (the founder of the Jesuit order), Dr. Oswaldo Cruz (credited with stopping the epidemics of bubonic plague and yellow fever in Brazil), an enlightened being named Emmanuel, and other deceased physicians, surgeons, saints, theologians and notable figures in their lifetimes.

Before any intervention, the entities scan a person on multiple levels – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual as well as their chakras, energy fields, and past lives – as their overarching goal is to initiate whatever change would best support the desire of that person’s soul. (Sometimes what your soul has contracted before birth is different from what your personality wants in a particular moment!) The entities always work on behalf of a person’s best and highest good, regardless of what the outcome looks like (changing careers, divorce, relocation, etc.)

These “spirit doctors” are actually people who lived on earth and now, by choice, remain on the earthly plane dedicating their out-of-body existence and clear connections to the Divine to healing mankind. In the truest sense, these multi-dimensional healers are the original ‘Doctors without Borders.’

Interestingly enough, besides an entity incorporating with medical expertise or spiritual knowledge through John of God, it also voices its own unique personality and personal requests. For example, one of the entities asks that wristwatches be removed as it disturbs his spiritual current, another changes the eye color of João, another walks with a severe limp, and yet another loves the smell of roses. Some of the entities have chosen not to reveal their identity. One particular entity has asked to merely be called ‘Love’ explaining, “If I told you my real name, there would not be a building large enough in this town to accommodate all the people from around the world who would come.”

In addition to in-person encounters, the entities are also known to perform remote spiritual surgeries and visitations. Some individuals have experienced healing from merely watching a video of John of God, reading his story, or while enroute to the Casa in Brazil. There are numerous stories of the entities working on individuals long before they ever arrive in Brazil. A staff member at the Casa in Brazil explains, “The entities send their energy to all who ask for their help.”

We Live Forever

Interesting to note, Joao’s gift of mediumship is supported by the culture in which he lives. More than 32 million Brazilians practice Spiritism which, in simplistic terms, is a spiritual cocktail of Catholicism and Metaphysics that has its genesis in France. Most notably Spiritists believe that people never die and that communication with ‘the other side’ is possible through mediums.

In the early days of his healing service, João traveled from city to city sharing of his mediumship gifts for free. During these years, he endured relentless persecution from non-believers, including beatings and imprisonments. Amazingly, he successfully treated many of his persecutors – doctors, scientists, religious leaders and police – for their own “incurable” diseases. After 20 years of being ‘on the road again,’ in 1978 João was directed by Spirit to build a healing Casa (hospital) in the tiny village of Abadiânia so even more people could interact with the “Spirit Doctors” and be healed.

The City of Spiritual Cures

Situated adjacent to a natural waterfall and on top the largest crystal plate in the world (more than 200 miles in circumference), the grounds of the John of God healing complex are a natural energy vortex — and have become even more amplified by the powerful presence of the entities.

“The current of energy at the Casa is very strong. I would describe it as ‘the veil between worlds as being very thin’,” shares Bob Dinga, a Southern California native, who was healed of an incurable retina disease more than 10 years ago. Dinga, who has led more than 40 groups to Brazil since his own personal healing adds, “I am so grateful for God’s healing grace working through the compassionate spirit guides of John of God.”
Medium João, now 74, continues to offer his healing services for free from this remote town in Central Brazil, which has become world renowned as “The City of Spiritual Cures.”

Journey to John of God

“For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who disbelieve, no amount of proof is sufficient.”  St. Ignatius of Loyola (1491-1556), founder of the Jesuit Order as directed in visions during his lifetime and one of the John of God channeled entities

If you’d like to experience the deep healing energies for yourself, consider a journey to John of God (see my list of upcoming travels) or experience a Crystal Bed session, personally blest by John of God and the healing entities, at my studio located in Ojai, California.


Note: It’s important to mention this article was reviewed by staff of the Casa de Dom Inacio (John of God’s healing center in Brazil.) Because of their deep love and compassion for all who are seeking healing, they asked to convey that the Casa is not a “miracle factory” – as for some, the treatment at the Casa is long and tedious work. We, send our love and light to all who are choosing this path of healing.
Article by Sequoia Hamilton, copyright 2009-2010. Photo posted on Friends of the Casa website. Article and photo used by permission.

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