JUNE 2011 Jon’s Wheel Chair Adventure

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The Story of Jon’s wheelchair

I am back in the States after a
powerful, light and miracle filled trip to the Casa.

This is a letter of thanks to all of
you who contributed to Jon Peris’ wheel chair fund.

It was such an amazing experience
that I feel moved to write and share it with all of you who made this enchanted
day possible.

Just to start at the beginning, one
of my group participants Amy Martin works, partly as a physical therapists,
with people who are in wheelchairs and she noticed, while sharing some time
with Jon Peris that his wheelchair was in a sad state of dis-repair. It
occurred to her that perhaps as a community, we could help to buy him a new
chair. Well that really started the wheels turning, so to speak. Amy and I
started to put out the word and everyone we talked to was happy and willing to
help and felt it was a great idea.

Well we went on a magical mystery
tour, which I am very excited to share with you all. As Jon said though, no matter
what, it will be only the 4 of us who experienced this amazing day together
that will really take in the depth of the lessons of Love and guidance.

So we started with Catherine, the
owner of Luz Divina, connecting us to the place she found wheel chairs in
Anapolis and even getting us a 10% discount over the phone. At this point we
even imagined that we could just pick out the wheel chair and have it delivered
to us and fitted. OHH YEAHH That’s the American in me who just orders it up and
it arrives. Not that easy, but much more rich in lessons of Love and

Jon and I made our plan to go into
Anaplois together on the Monday before I left Abadiania for the States. Liliani
lovingly agreed to go as out Portuguese and English speaker. She suggested we
hire Pedrinho to be our taxi driver. We met at Hotel Brazil at 9:30 in the
morning as Jon said that mornings are best for him and by the afternoon his
body could not make the trip. Pedrinho and Liliani arrived and we, with immense
effort on Jon’s part, and lots of praying on our part, were able to him from
his chair to the front car seat next to Pedrinho.

I for one, have never been anywhere
out of Abadiania in the 4 years I have been coming to the Casa, This was a huge
adventure for me. Jon said on the way to Anapolis that he had not been out of
the 5 block radius commonly known as the “Casa Bubble” for 16 months.
Happily, Liliani said she liked going to the city once in a while and Pedrinho
really knew the ins and outs of Anapolis. My little mind is thinking, we will
go pick up the chair and be back around lunch time. OH YEAHH that did not
happen. The Spirit helpers had an entirely different plan in mind for us.

We got to the wheelchair place next
to the Hospital and found Alec, the sales man who Catherine had arranged a
discount through. Well this chair was not such an easy thing to find. There was
not one chair, it didn’t matter what it cost, that would hold this tall Aussie
Man. The chairs did not have the versatile padded arms or big enough frames,
solid enough for Jon to fit in. We looked at their selection and browsed their catalog.
We could see right away that this was not the end of our journey. Alec gave
Liliani 2 names of people who repaired wheel chairs. She called them up and
left messages and just as we were asking the Entities what is next, her phone
rang and it was Paulo Tarso who happily said he could help us.

Paulo explained that he works at the
Anapolis City Water district. He us invited to meet him in the parking lot
there so he could look at the chair and assess if he could restore it. We
wheeled back to the car and by the time Jon got back into the front seat it was
very clear that it was the last transfer he would make from car to wheelchair.
It was only the beginning of our journey but for Jon, Pedrinho’s well-worn car
seat, was his vantage point from then on.

Pedrinho drove us to the Anapolis
Water district office back parking where out flew Paulo, speeding toward us in
his own wheel chair, a small man with a big smile, strong arms and no legs.
This bright shining being greeted us with such love and enthusiasm, in such a striking
setting that we knew our journey was enchanted and divinely guided. We just met
another angel to help us on our path.

Paulo said that would replace the
tires and tubes, clean and lube everything and replace the ball bearings bend
and straighten were needed and even replace the seat at a later date. He gave
us directions to someone who could re-upholster and fix the chair’s arm rests and
re-cover the special temprapedic seat insert that  Jon loves so much. We left his wheelchair in
the caring, capable hands of Paulo who explained that he would get off of work
at 1:00 and would carry Jon’s chair on his personally customized three wheel
motorcycle to his garage at home where he would work on it.

Off we went to find upholsterers.
Pedrinho, our dear Taxi driver, took us out into the back alleys of Anapolis in
search the mystery tradesman who would help us. We went to 4 small upholstery
shops, each little rooms with a single machine and a man or two working on home
furniture or auto seats, each one telling us to go to the next place. The third
shop was closed but another messenger-angel appeared, outside the shop next
door. The man told Liliani that he knows of a upholstery shop that is close by
where he lives in the outskirts of the downtown area. Off we went.

There was something about this place
that hinted we may have found our tradesman. This shop specialized in car upholstery.
The shop was clean, had a brightness to it and a willing man with a big smile
looking like he is just waiting for us to come in. Another angel, cutting table
empty, with pencil, scissors and screw driver at the ready, he went to work on
the arm rests and seat cushion. We left the pieces with him and went off for
lunch feeling sure, that this adventure would take the whole day and we would
all need to eat. The reality set in for all of us that going into Anapolis to
have Jon “fitted” for a wheel chair which we would buy and bring back
with us around lunch time went out with the story that someone comes to
Abadiania delivering said wheel chair 😉

Logisically Jon still sat in the front
car seat and things like eating at a restaurant and getting out to take care of
normal bodily functions where out of the question. Pedrinho took us back
downtown where Jon and Liliani knew a perfect restaurant. Jon stayed in prayer
and gratitude in the car which we parked right in front while the three of us
went in to eat after bringing Jon out a plate of food to the car. While Jon sat
in the car eating his yummy meal who does he see drive by but Paulo on his
three wheel rig both wheelchairs zooming buy in custom metal saddle baskets. We
said again and again how the Entities were there every inch of the way
encouraging us on and showing us the way.

We made it back to the auto upholsterer
shop just in time to watch the man behind the sewing machine finish attaching
the zipper on to the new pleather material for the cushion seat. They made the chair
arms look perfectly new which was quite a contrast from the packing taped arms
we brought in. Covered seat cushion and restored arm pieces in hand we were off
to meet Paulo at his home garage where he was working on the rest of the chair.

Paulo and his Mother live in a small
house in a poor, clean, humble neighborhood in the outskirts of the city. When
we arrived, the garage gate was open, Paulo’s Three wheeler Motor cycle out
front and out pops Paulo’s head as he crawls up on hands and stumps to meet us
at the top of the driveway. With a big proud smile he introduces us to his Mama
and heads back down the drive way to continue his work. Mom invites us in,
makes us coffee in her little outdoor kitchen and sets, Pedrinho Liliani and
myself up with stools and chairs to talk and watch while Paulo works.

Paulo had lost his legs from polio
after being in a coma for a very long time. He works at the Water department
and on the side he restores and makes custom wheel chairs along with other
welding projects to help take care of his Mom, Wife and Daughter.

I went up where Jon sat in the car
at the top of the driveway, while tears of gratitude rolled down his face, to
see this precious man work with so much love and vibrancy restoring his chair.
Again we prayed in Gratitude to the Entities for showing us the way to opening
our hearts with this powerful scene. After cleaning, calibrating, replacing,
pumping, straightening, securing and lubing, Jon’s chair was better than new
and we were all powerfully moved in a deep way.

Well “Big Hugs All
Around”, as Jon so beautifully said, (in Emma Bragdons, John of God
Movie). We made our good byes and it was back to Abadiania. By now it was just
about 4:00. Jon had been in the car all day and we were all very happy to be on
our way back to the “Bubble” of sweet energy of the Casa. On the way
back Liliani called Gerrit to meet us at Hotel Brazil as Jon would need more
than his own strength to get him back into his all most New Ride. Gerrit Loving
got him into his chair and took his exhausted body to his room where he could
rest, release and renew.

Even though, Jon, Lilliani, Pedrinho
and I agreed that only the 4 of us would really know the power of what had happened
that day. I felt compelled to try to rely it all in this story and the attached
pictures, to all of you, who, with your loving generous hearts gave the moneys
made this amazing GIFT possible. This was a very powerful heart-felt experience
that all of us gave our dear friend Jon Peris who is a precious part of our
Loving community here in Abadiania. He not only has his wonderful wheelchair
back in brand new condition but also a story and an experience that has deeply
impacted all of our lives forever.

So Much Love and Grace to all of you
and when you see Jon Peris give him a  big hug and admire the love that his
chair radiates as it serves him well, until he needs in no more.

Many Blessings to All,

Love Deb

Deb Court

(805) 669-5643

Crystal Bed in Ojai, CA



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