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December 6th, 2010

Susan Casey, the Editor in Chief for Oprah, wrote a beautiful article in  “O” Magazine this month. I really felt I was back in Abadiania when I was reading. What a wonderful blessing to have Susan talking to such a wide audience about the Healing work of the Entities through Medium Joao at the Casa.   Thank You Oprah and Susan Casey for your Leap of Faith. You really brought out the true healing balm at the Casa, which is Unconditional Love. Everyone that goes to the Casa is truly changed, for the better, in a deep and profound way. Like Heather Cummings says “it’s a spiritual washing machine”.

November 17th, 2010

As I travel back and forth from Southern California to Abadiania and the Casa De Dom Inacio, it occurs to me that the American Media doesn’t really address the most important element at work there. There are hundreds and even thousands of people coming together each day to pray for themselves and others. This place, Abadiania Brazil, is located on a huge crystal plate. Medium Joao and all the people who are called there awaken to our Spirit helpers and give them permission to release all of our blocks and darker energy. We are all Mediums according to Alan Kardec, some more developed than others. I have been to the Casa many times where have been over 2000 people seen that day. There are hundreds of people sitting in their seats and in the lines at the Casa in Prayerful Meditation. All have come to Ask for help and pray for help for others. The physical operations are what the Media seems to want to bring out as the experience there. The richness of the Journey to John of God and the Casa is the extraordinary LOVE that is present there and the intention of large numbers of people sitting on that Crystal Plate with Strong Mediums who are bridging the Spirit world to allow the flange of Spirits who incorporate there to help. Thank YOU CASA DE DOM INACIO and Meduim Joao and all of the people who come to release and heal.

May 21th 2010

I am so excited to be preparing for our next trip to John of God in Brazil. Everyone has concord the obstacles of Visa’s,. Passports and Plane Tickets and there are 8 of us who are clear to go on this amazing healing Journey to John of God. Our Pousada (hotel) is set and we are expected on the 6th of June, 2010, to land in beautiful Brasilia  Brazil. We will be picked up at the airport to take a breath taking drive to Abadiania and the Casa De Dom Inacio. Our work is clear; to let go of any vibrations that don’t match our highest good. We are on our way to letting go of anything that does not serve the Light. All of the participants are transforming, even now, any old or ungrounded energies. We are praying for and bringing in, the healing energies of the Entities and Lightworkers of the Casa De Dom Inacio. We are flying on the wings of ANGELS. I feel so Blessed.

4 Responses

  1. Thanks for the opportunity to travel with you to John of God, and for all your fastidious work to make it happen for us, Deb!
    Namaste, dear!

  2. Here we go, ramping up for our next Sacred Journey to Brazil to work with John of God and the powerful Current energies there. This trip is a powerful way to release old habits and stuck negative thought forms, to bath your Spirit in the powerful energies of Unconditional Love, Healing and Balancing on all levels. What a Gift to Give YourSelf and your Loved Ones.

  3. Deb, thank you for the support and guidance you provided for our group during the John of God journey in August. Leaving after the first week was harder than I thought because not only were the experiences in the Casa transformative and beautiful, but the way you brought the group together created a community of love and support very quickly which translated into strength to go “in deeper”. Next time I will ensure I have enough time off to complete the 2 weeks! I deeply appreciate how you were able to guide us each step of the way so that we could maximize our time in this sacred experience. Much love to you and your beloved ones.

  4. May be the peace of God be with you.
    This is ileana We met at Pousada Dos Anjos
    This past November.
    I am back in Burbank California just got to my new place Thanks be to God for that and just opened my Crystal bed.
    I’m so exited to help my friends and neighbors
    Experience the crystals.
    Is there anything else I should know on how to get started as a business that you can share with me that would be of benefit to me?
    Please let me know. Grateful for having met you I shall never forget my experience at the sacred water falls with you and the two other ladies. Thank you .

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