Spiritual Healing Meditation in Ojai

Prayer Triangle

Spiritual Healing Meditation
First Sunday of the Month 2-4PM

    In Ojai, California



You are invited to our first Sunday of the month, Healing Meditation at our home,  Crystal Oaks, from 2pm until 4pm. This is a perfect opportunity to come together with our Prayers for Healings and Intentions for ourselves, our family, all of Humanity, and Mother Earth. We will continue to come together the 1st Sunday of the month from 2:00 to 4:00.
Please wear white and bring in a piece of paper with your prayers and intentions, for healing yourself, mother earth, humanity and anyone else in your life you would like to make a healing request for. What is it you would like to ask to heal, improve, manifest re-move, move forward, in your life, and who else would you like to make prayers for, who may need assistance? You will have the opportunity to use the prayer triangle ( www.guidetojohnofgod.com ) here in the Crystal Bed room, as a way to state your asking, as you meditate with the Entities of Light, and generate the Love energies for all of our Human Brothers and Sisters.
In October of 2009 I was given permission and Blessings by John of God and the Entities at the Casa de Dom Inacio in Brazil to start a group meditation and given the message that they would help us as we come together and allow their Spiritual assistance. http://www.guidetojohnofgod.com (about the Spirit Entities)


You can email us at deb@guidetojohnofgod.com to receive our address and directions. Please park on the street and walk up the driveway. Please email back and let me know if you are coming so we can set out the right amount of chairs. You may pass this on to anyone else who you would like to invite. RSVP’s are much appreciated.


This is a powerful time to come together as One, in the LIGHT.

I hope to see you here.Prayer Triangle
Deb Court

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